Cooperative Vessel Traffic Services Agreement

You must participate in our shipping program if your vessel: Victoria Traffic and Prince Rupert Traffic provide shipping services under this agreement. Canadian and U.S. waters of: 301.1 Before entering the Cooperative Vessel Traffic Management System or leaving a berth within the system, each ship must be authorized to flow in accordance with procedures to be agreed between the authorities. Vessels must obtain release from Vessel Traffic Services prior to the commencement of a voyage in or through Canadian waters. Naval communications and traffic officers deliver shares after verification of information, including that of a ship: we have traffic management systems in place in many places to ensure that ships move safely. These consist of one-way roads and areas of separation depicted on maritime maps. There is also an oil tanker exclusion zone in the Pacific Ocean, which applies to tankers that transport crude oil from Alaska. 201.1 The Parties agree that the best way to achieve the development and implementation of the Cooperative Vessel Traffic Management System is the establishment of a Vessel Traffic Management Centre established by the Competent Authority as part of the Cooperative Vessel Traffic Management System. 302.1 For the management and coordination of vessel traffic, maritime traffic control centres should be established, if necessary. These centres must communicate with each other via specific communication circuits in order to ensure real-time knowledge of the entire type of maritime traffic in the waters concerned.


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