Aqha Horse Lease Agreement

“Everyone wants to think it`s so bad that Mallory rents a horse. It`s all `oh, it`s not his` and everything,” she said. A horse can be rented according to the rules of the AQHA for two purposes: breeding or exhibition. And here`s the catch: if you lych a horse for breeding, the horse can`t be shown (rule 402(d)). If you present a horse, it cannot be bred until the lease is over. Wheelers usually only make stable leases where the horse remains under their custody and control. However, you have a few older retirement show horses that we rent from the tenant. But they are rather training horses or companions and are not intended to show or travel. I was shocked when I realized that I had someone to buy the horse on the spot. I could sell and transfer the horse, but the horse would not be able to show 90 more days in the amateur or juvenile department after being sold. As stated above, all other transfers are retained until termination or termination of the rental agreement. “Connie has always loved driving class and, to surprise, Ralph and his daughters arranged the lease for them,” says Lori. The experience was great.

I had good rankings thanks to the great horses I had. I was a finalist in showmanship level 3, Top 10 in Showmanship Level 2, Top 5 in Hunter Hack Level 2 and a finalist in level 2 Hunt Seat Equitation. I learned a lot and was able to realize a long-time dream. Many trainers agree that leasing in the stable benefits the horse by keeping it in a continuous program. The trainer always has control over the maintenance and upkeep of a horse he knows. .

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