Two Recent International Agreements On Environmental Sustainability

1.85 The conduct of the spring. Fisheries and Oceans Canada is the lead federal agency that is responsible for UNFA. The agreement is implemented in Canada primarily through the Coastal Fisheries Protection Act and its regulations, legislative means to control fishing vessel access to Canadian waters and activities in Canadian waters. Key federal programs and activities supporting the agreement include fisheries science, integrated fisheries management plans, marine monitoring programs, enforcement programs and international negotiations to advance Canadian interests in internationally exploited fish stocks. 1.27 In addition, the Treasury Board of Canada and its secretariat are the board of directors of the federal government. The Secretariat has a central role to play in monitoring government administrative practices and ensuring total profitable and cost-effective value. The Secretariat also supports the activities of the Cabinet Expenditure Review Committee, which is responsible for the ongoing review of all government expenditures, management and operations. The goal is to better understand the program`s results and services, which can be provided with available resources, and to identify ways to identify resources towards higher priorities. Officials from the secretariat of the Ministry of Finance indicated that the expenditure review procedure would likely cover all activities of the department, including those related to international environmental agreements.

Following our audit, the secretariat informed us that after the 2004 federal election, the Privileges Council office was appointed to assist the Expenditure Review Committee, which is now a subcommittee of the Finance Committee. Transport Canada recognizes that it is not in a position to monitor all vessels at any time in waters under Canadian jurisdiction and is therefore unable to calculate the actual total amounts of pollutants released intentionally or otherwise. Instead, Transport Canada will use the results of existing inspection surveys and aerial monitoring programs as indicators of the marine industry`s environmental performance. Transport Canada intends to provide a better report on the programs put in place to implement the rules for preventing oil pollution. Reports for the 2004 season are expected to be completed in the fall of 2005. Most environmental problems are cross-border and often global and can only be effectively addressed through international cooperation. That is why the Lisbon Treaty stipulates that one of the main objectives of the EU`s environmental policy is to promote action at the international level to address regional or global environmental problems, and in particular to combat climate change. The EU is actively involved in the development, ratification and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements.

The three main objectives of the EU`s 7th Environment Action Programme (2014-2020) have an essential international dimension: the protection, conservation and improvement of the Union`s natural capital, the transformation of the Union into a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and competitive economy, and the protection of EU citizens from environmental constraints and risks to health and well-being. 1.15 In recent years, the federal government has launched an ambitious program to improve management efficiency and public sector accountability. This agenda is reflected in several important initiatives, including results for Canadians that define the government`s management framework. In Results for Canadians, the government emphasized its determination to focus on the results achieved through the use of public funds. The growth of international environmental law as a separate area of international law began in the 1970s with the Stockholm Conference on the Environment in 1972. Since then, interest has continued to grow and is one of the fastest growing areas of international law

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