Ridgid Tools Lifetime Service Agreement

I think the real questions are how much they respect this agreement, how limited it really is, because all the “Lifetime” come with a lot of small legal characters and a lot of highly paid lawyers have passed the text with a degree of rigor. I couldn`t take care of his contract for life. I would prefer to buy tools that I really like, that don`t need to be repaired so often. It`s good for an owner. For someone who needs the tool to make a living, there is no way unless it`s just to get you through until you can afford it better. I can`t help but think of Tommy Boy when it shows up. “Yes, you can take a dump in a box and put a guarantee in it…┬áI`ve bought Ridgid tools over the years, but I don`t like them so much, I always take them off at Home Depot or dump them on Craigslist. I even bought the latest gen5X brushless combo and it wasn`t great overall, but no tool could live up to its torque requirements, so I removed it. The site is www.aegpowertools.com.au if anyone is interested. damn! This sums up the so-called rigid guarantee of the tools. Bungling HD repair centers incompetent to pain in gestapo warranty recording…

It`s not worth it! I just go through the meat factory replacement warranty for one of the batteries. The rude, nasty on the phone wouldn`t take my original tool owner, but it had to get out of any battery, tool and charger I have…. Wtf? I would have bought ryobi stuff at first and I threw it away and replaced it with a new ryobi. I would have money if we didn`t buy this expensive garbage. Half of the lifetime warranty tools that failed and required warranty work. REGISTRATION: I found recording my Ridgid power tools a very simple process. With the receipt in hand (or received an electronic receipt via email), it is as simple as entering a few numbers. Once the tools are registered online, Ridgid provides a link to the tool manual that can be useful on the road. I have bought so far two ridgid products: an 18v battery drill and a lift saw.

I always felt they weren`t the “best” in terms of performance (Dewalt-Milwaukee), but bought them because of the lifetime service agreement. I went around their catalog, and I read the Isa more carefully. It`s a scam. They are misleading with the wording of the lifetime guarantee. When I read “Lifetime Service Agreement,” I say to myself, “We will fix your equipment if something goes wrong under normal wear and tear, for your life.” They explicitly state that the Isa does not cover: “Errors resulting from abuse, abuse or normal wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee.” What is covered under the Isa is that ridgid tools are guaranteed without any errors in processing and hardware. This basically means that if you open the box and there is a chip in the plastic, you can return it. It`s nothing special. You don`t need a lifetime warranty. This company has definitely lost me as a customer.

The lifetime service contract is free for all licensed RIDGIDs® brand of hand-held power tools, fixed power tools and pneumatic tools, subject to the following conditions. Customers have 90 days from the date of purchase to register tools for the lifetime service contract. Once all the conditions of the registration process are met, the tool`s service coverage lasts the life of the original buyer. The status of a lifetime enterprise agreement for a tool is not transferable to people other than the original buyer.

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