Rental Agreement Trampoline

I didn`t think it was a great thing until I googled the trampoline statistics…. It`s pretty dangerous to advise them. We moved into our house two months ago. There is nothing in trampoline rental. We bought and installed a trampoline. He said he had to do it or that his insurance would let him down. It was removed. We got tenant insurance that included trampolines and even small pools. We let him know that we had imposed this policy and that we would take on all our responsibilities. He was a bully about several other subjects, and he doesn`t say trampoline on his property, although we took care of the only reason he has for us not to have a trampoline. I know it`s his property, but it`s covered, but do we have a say? We are surrounded by 3 other features, but not his, all of which have trampolines. So if your landlord is “unfair” and tells you that even if you have children, you can`t have a trampoline, it`s not because they just want to hurt your feelings, but they take care of themselves financially.

Do not call the insurance company to verify that they allow trampolines (which requires a premium increase). Suppose they don`t like them and increase your premiums if you allow them or don`t report that you have one and that there is an injury on your property. I would like to inform your tenant that this is a violation of the right to rent that is not authorized by your insurance company and have it uninstalled immediately. I am always asked if there are trampolines on my property when I get a new policy, so I expect it to be a factor in your premium and it just isn`t covered. People who are injured on your property go according to the largest source of money, the owner… Don`t give them more opportunities for them to do that. When tenants of this type of harassment attractive, they put themselves, and the landlord for possible lawsuits. This is not the kind of interaction you want to have with your landlord, don`t stand and don`t have that conversation before buying and installing in an apartment for rent.

I was under contract for a property that already had tenants and a trampoline in the open garden. I`m sure all the kids in the block played on it (Frissons). My PA added a line in the fact that the trampoline had to be removed by closing it. I refused the agreement after the inspection, so it was a silent point anyway. But I didn`t even want to own a property for a day with a trampoline “Everyone comes to play on it”! What most tenants don`t ask for, however, is things like a trampoline and you know what, it`s REALLY hard to get rental insurance that covers your installation of a trampoline. This is due in part to the number of problems and injuries from children to adults. So it`s basically the problems with insurance and the managers if something goes wrong with the trampoline-bouneur.

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