Applications For A Work-Sharing Agreement Form (Emp5100)

Disclaimer: The above material is only used for educational and information purposes. The COVID 19 pandemic poses major challenges for employers and their workers, and we will continue to provide up-to-date information if the situation evolves. BDO`s besant consulting team helps you develop contingency plans to protect your business and your employees. The Canadian government for employment and social development can provide more detailed information on work sharing. You can also contact members of our team for advice. Appendix A is mandatory for all WS (work-sharing) applications as well as the application that is part of the work-sharing agreement. This publication is only used for general information. It should not be used as legal advice. For specific legal advice, please contact Leslie Dizgun, Allyson Fischer, Justin Anisman, William McLennan or Alyssa Jagt. You`ll find up-to-date information, advice and knowledge for small entrepreneurs at our COVID-19 The Attachment A resource centre, which lists all employees who participate in a work-sharing agreement (i.e.

members of the work-sharing unit). Non-union staff representatives must sign Schedule A; its signature indicates that all employees agree to participate in the division of labour and reduce their working hours. Union officers are not required to sign Schedule A, but the union representative must sign the document on their behalf. The union representative`s signature indicated that all union workers in the labour division unit agreed to participate in the division of labour and to reduce their working hours. At the time of the publication of this newsletter, the CESD website, which contains information on specific measures taken under COVID-19, does not specify the length of time applications will be processed. However, it indicates that employers are now invited to submit their applications 10 days before the desired program launch date and that Service Canada will endeavour to reduce the processing time to 10 days schedule. For more information on the EI work-sharing program, click on the work-sharing program on this page. You can also view this PDF version of a Service Canada PowerPoint presentation that describes the program. We invite you to visit the ESVV website or consult with our experts for more information on eligibility criteria and general program requirements. Work-sharing is an Employment Insurance (E) program that helps employers avoid redundancies. The program is an agreement between employers, workers and the Government of Canada that allows businesses to keep their employees in the event of business disruptions outside the employer`s control. For companies that, due to the current situation, are directly or indirectly affected by the decline in activity, the duration of the program is at least six weeks and a maximum of 76 weeks.

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