Wealthfront Client Agreement

Portfolio Line of Credit is a margin credit product offered exclusively to Wealthfront Advisers customers of Wealthfront Brokerage LLC. When evaluating your options, you need to consider the margin-specific risks and benefits. Learn more about these risks in the Margin Handbook. Tax Efficiency: Wealthfront offers daily tax losses on all taxable accounts. New clients who transfer assets can benefit from their tax-reduced brokerage account transfer service. This service incorporates, as far as possible, existing investments in the wealthfront portfolio and holds transferred securities that can only be absorbed when capital gains become long-term. High-rate savings: In 2019, Wealthfront created the Wealthfront Cash Account, a savings account that currently pays 0.35% interest and is competitive with many online banks. The most remarkable thing about this account is that, thanks to white-label agreements with several banks, Wealthfront is able to offer up to $1 million in FDIC coverage, or four times more insurance than the average bank account. Like other savings accounts, money deposited on the cashfront Cash Account is not subject to any investment risk. The account does not charge a fee. If you also have a wealthfront investment account, investment management fees do not apply to money in the cash account.

I maintain my original intention to post: not to denigrate or divert attention from the wealthfront client base, but simply advise people not to call on the asset front. I have the impression that the customer service staff is not able to solve many problems. Indeed, the phone call can be detrimental, because my experience has shown that innocent noise and enthusiasm can be misunderstood. UPDATE 2: Following an email with Wealthfront, the support terminated my account and said there must be a misunderstanding. In addition, e-mail with wealthfront is a much better experience than calling. Wealthfront should be emailed, not over the phone. Other charges apply to the debit account. Free access to ATMs only applies to in-network ATMs. ATMs and ATMs are subject to a $2.50 fee, plus additional fees that the owner or bank may charge. For more information, see the deposit account. Unlike banks that leave your money in your accounts, we use technology to make more money with all your money, without any effort on your part.

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