Tottenham Nfl Agreement

The stadium is named Tottenham Hotspur Stadium until a naming rights agreement is reached. [10] The club is seeking agreements worth $20 million per year ($400 million for a 20-year contract or $200 million for 10 years), or $25 million in a 15-year ($375 million) contract. [244] The contract provides that starting with the 2018/19 season, when the stadium opens, at least two NFL games will be played each year at the New Spurs` venue. The NFL announced Wednesday a new contract with Tottenham Hotsupr, in which the NFL will play at least two games starting in 2018 in The new Tottenham Stadium, which will last until 2027. In October 2013, it was announced that the club was considering a new plan for a multi-purpose stadium where the U.S. NFL games can be played. [63] On July 8, 2015, the club announced that it had reached an agreement with the NFL to host at least two NFL games per year as part of a 10-year partnership. [64] On the same day, in addition to a revised project plan, a new design team was announced, with Christopher Lee`s Populous responsible for the design of the stadium. [54] [65] In December 2015, the revised plans were approved by the Haringey Council, including the demolition of listed buildings. [66] [67] The Mayor of London also formally approved the plans in February 2016. [68] The North London club has a 10-year contract with the NFL to host two regular season games a year, but the British newspaper says the league will give the option for this year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to at least two games per year at the new Tottenham venue, other NFL games may be played at various locations in the UK for the duration of the 10-year contract. 11 months – between the start of negotiations and an agreement in July 2015, the NFL and Tottenham Hotspur announced on Wednesday that they had agreed on at least two games a year, which will take place during a ten-year partnership in the new stadium of the English Premier League team in London. The construction of the stadium was created as the centrepiece of the Northumberland Development Project, which was to serve as a catalyst for a 20-year regeneration plan for Tottenham. The project includes the white Hart Lane lands, now demolished, and adjacent surfaces. The project was first conceived in 2007 and announced in 2008, but the plan was reviewed several times and construction of the stadium, which was affected by disputes and delays, did not begin until 2015. The stadium was inaugurated on 3 April 2019 with a ceremony before the first Premier League match in the stadium. “Anyone who has seen American football at Wembley Stadium can`t help but have been excited about the spectacle, and the smart minds who run the NFL have obviously not failed to make Londoners absolutely gangbusters for Gridiron,” Johnson said. Josh Jacobs scored the first touchdown at the stadium. [195] In a survey of 4,302 supporters by the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters` Trust, 95% were satisfied with their experience in the matches at the new stadium, compared to 52% of fans who were satisfied while Tottenham played at Wembley Stadium.

84% of them were satisfied with the atmosphere of the stadium for league matches, compared to 98% for European matches. [248] [249] The official stadium record for a Tottenham match is currently 61,104 in the English Premier League match against Chelsea on 22. December 2019. [7] The largest game to date was the first NFL game that took place on October 6, 2019 at the stadium between the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders, followed by 60,463 spectators. [8] In the match against Arsenal Women on November 17, 2019, he recorded the highest ever appearance at a Women`s Super League match with 38,262 spectators. [221] The stadium has the world`s first integrated lighting system above the field.

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