Service Agreement Norsk

You confirm that you will not knowingly publish false or misleading product data or that you will not use Stripe Relay to sell or try illegal products or services through the applications and that you are solely responsible for the production, execution, shipping and provision of incidental services related to the transactions you receive through your use of Relay Stripe. If you accept payment card transactions, network rules expressly prohibit you from providing cash refunds for a credit card tax, unless required by law, (ii) to open a refund more than five calendar days after issuing a credit to your customer, (iii) from accepting cash or accepting other valuables for a refund , (iv) as a payment intermediary, intermediary or aggregator or other reversal of payment processing services on behalf of others, (v) the commission, whether they consider fraudulent or unauthorized by the cardholder, (vi) a tax if the transaction has not been concluded or if the goods or services have not been shipped or provided (unless the cardholder has paid a partial or full advance or consent Card was obtained for a recurring transaction); (vii) unless certain criteria are met or vii) the use of payment processing services in a manner that constitutes an abuse of payment card networks or a violation of network rules. We can also give you access to services that have been identified as beta or pre-release services. You understand that these services are still in development, that they may contain errors or errors, that they may be incomplete, that they change substantially before any full commercial publication, or that they can never be published commercially. We provide ALS IS beta services, and without any warranty, and your use or trust in beta services is done at your own risk. The unlimited service may not be available to all users. We`ll put the services you need when you sign in to the services. If you cancel your unlimited subscription or your unlimited service subscription is interrupted (z.B. if you change your payment details), you may not be able to resubscrib to the Unlimited Service.

Note that the unlimited service may be suspended in the future, in which case no charge will be charged for the service. You authorize us to obtain information about you from our service providers and other third parties, including credit agencies and information offices, and you authorize and make these third parties available to these third parties to collect and provide us with this information. You acknowledge that this may contain your name, address, credit history and other information about you or your representative. You recognize that we can use your data to verify all other information you provide us and that any information we have collected may influence our assessment of your overall risk to our business. You acknowledge that, in some cases, such information may result in the suspension or termination of your Stripe account. Stripe can regularly update this information as part of our application criteria and risk analysis procedures. We may refer to, or access, third-party services, products and promotions that use, integrate or provide ancillary services (“third-party services”). These third-party services are provided only at your convenience and do not represent our consent, approval or recommendation of such third-party services to you. You access a third-party service based on your own assessment and at your peril and use it. You understand that your use of a third-party service is not regulated by this agreement.

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