Declaration And Indemnity Agreement For Small Estates

1 03/08/15 This form must be filled out in capital letters and black ink. If you do not enter information in any of the fields, please leave them empty and do not cross them. If you do not fill out this form, do not use correctional fluid. Instead, please cross the error and introduce the amendment. Please read the small Estate statement and compensation instructions related to filling out this form. Small Estate Declaration and Indemnity Step 1: Please provide information provided by the deceased shareholder (see note 1). Shareholder Name After residence and all previously known addresses – Barclays Plc Shareholder Reference – If more space is required, a cover letter is acceptable. IMPORTANT: This form only applies to the company listed above. If the estate consists of more than one that has a small Estate real estate declaration and the “Exemption adds” form, the “Additional Reservation” form is attached and must be signed, dated and returned with that form. Step 2: All next Kin/Executors to read the following statement: Equiniti Limited and Barclays PLC. I/We solemnly and sincerely explain: – I am/we are next by kin or executor of the deceased, as stated in the Testament and the Final Will or abroad, and I/we have the right to manage the succession – I/we do not intend to do so in good conscience, Any other person intends to apply for a British grant to represent the deceased`s estate – No inheritance tax shall be paid on the deceased`s estate – The value of the operation in the deceased`s name alone, consisting of shares and/or unpaid payments, does not exceed 10,000 in each company Taking into account the above declaration, i/we request that the business registered in the name of the deceased be registered in my name , subject to the different conditions under which the deceased performed the same duties, without the presentation of a British representation. I/we agree (solidarity): – you and each of you to compensate for any claims, receivables, debts, expenses, expenses and expenses that you, or any of you or any of you, could pay, in particular, the payment of fees and expenses and expenses to another plaintiff if any of the above statements are inaccurate. – In the case of legal proceedings against you in the context of such a claim, from time to time to provide you with the means you need to defend such a procedure and late to my/our, you are entitled to admit or regulate such procedures on such terms that you might be able to admit or regulate with the use of me/us.

Step 3: Please complete the details of the deceased`s next kin/executor (see Note 2). All the same Next of Kin requirements must sign below. For example, if there is more than one son or daughter of the deceased, all must sign because they have the same right to succession. Individual or first-name names Legal representative title and full name (we do not accept initials) 1. Capacity, in which you sign (please meet you one) Next of Kin or Executor If the following by Kin, please confirm The relationship to the date of full address deceased D D D / M M Y Y Other legal agents designated Titles (e) and full names (e) (we do not accept the initials) 2. Signature (s) Page 1 of 2 on Equiniti Limited and Eitiquin Financial Services Limited are part of the Equin Group.

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