Damages Agreement Phoenix

OTTAWA, ON, October 23, 2020 /CNW/ – Today, the Government of Canada and the Public Utilities Alliance of Canada (PSAC) reached an agreement to compensate current and former employees who may be affected by phoenix`s compensation system and the late implementation of the 2014 collective agreements. The agreement applies to current workers, former employees and the sheds of deceased workers represented by these representatives: dates may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties. “From the beginning, the Government of Canada has committed to a fair compensation agreement that recognizes the real psychological and emotional stress and financial impact that Phoenix`s payroll system has had on public officials. As a result of this agreement, signed today with Canada`s largest public service union, we are now able to compensate almost all employees affected by the Phoenix wage system. The employer is committed to including in this agreement all alternative measures negotiated with other negotiators representing CPA employees, which are more generous than those provided in this agreement. There is no current time frame in the Phoenix payroll system, however, the agreement period is 180 days, so applicants can expect to be paid in the spring of 2021. Damage to the Phoenix Pay billing system will be paid as soon as possible, according to the Public Service Alliance of Canada. If a specific timetable is implemented, details are provided. If you have already received paid leave from another Phoenix-Abrechnung union for a given year and have also been part of a PSAC bargaining unit during the same fiscal year, you are entitled to any cash difference e.b. for each day of leave received and $300 (value of one day of vacation in the PSAC agreement). If the difference between the cash equivalent of the leave and $300 is $10 or less, you will not receive the difference. Employees who are entitled to damages in Phoenix, negotiated by PSAC and another union, cannot receive the full compensation of the two agreements and employees cannot exchange the compensation received from one agreement for another. In other words, an employee who has already benefited from paid leave cannot return the leave as compensation for psaC compensation.

No no. Phoenix`s compensation plan is separate from the new collective agreements that will be ratified in 2020. However, they were negotiated together to ensure that the full force of collective bargaining could be used to reach the best possible agreement. Staff from separate agencies with similar agreements can also assert rights. This agreement does not apply to members of the class action certified in Bouchard v. Attorney General of Canada (200-06-000214-174) and other class members who may be added by the courts, including students, casual workers, workers who do not work more than one-third of normal hours, or workers of less than three months. Phoenix`s salary settlement contract was given 180 days to implement all salary increases and pay retroactively. According to the Treasury Board, “current and former employees who worked in an organization with Phoenix between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2020 are entitled to compensation, whether or not they have wage problems, provided they are eligible for the terms of the Phoenix payroll damage agreement.” This agreement provides for general compensation for current and former employees in the event of injury in the form of additional leave.

In 2019, the additional leave of up to four days has been credited to current staff, with an additional day to be taken into account within 150 days of March 31, 2020. Former employees can claim a payment equal to the value of those days off. More information on damages is available on the Treasury Board secretariat`s website, as well as information and links on all available claims procedures. B, for example, information and links to all services.

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