Ubs Credit Line Agreement

1 Reduced interest rates are available for new 3-year and 5-year interest rate loan contracts that were set from October 19 to December 18, 2020 with a new credit advance of $25,000 or more, subject to available credits. The interest rate and the RPA are the same for individuals residing in California. New qualifying instalments must be made between October 19 and December 18, 2020. For clients with an existing balance on a UBS Premier line of credit, a new advance is defined as a larger incremental balance than the closing balance as of October 12, 2020. Any balance repaid after October 19, 2020 reduces the eligible amount of new advances that can be included in promotional prices. New advances cannot be used to repay existing variable or fixed-rate balances or to repay the debts of UBS Bank USA subsidiaries. Prices may vary during the action period, but do not affect customers who participated in promotional prices. UBS reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time without notice. Discounted interest rates cannot be applied to Special Loan Contracts (z.B. Unsecured Lending, Premier Hedge Fund Lending, Private Equity Lending, Pre-IPO Lending, 2020 Financial Advisor Recruits and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Lending) in connection with this offer. This obligation is not binding on any UBS company and does not have a loan obligation. You will find all the terms and conditions of your line of credit in your line of credit contract.

As a company providing asset management services to its clients, UBS Financial Services Inc. provides investment advice as an SEC-registered investment advisor and brokerage. Investment advisory and intermediation services are separate and different, differ in key areas and are subject to separate laws and regulations. It is important that customers understand how we do business and that they carefully read the agreements and disclosures we offer them about the products or services we offer. A small number of our financial advisors are not allowed to offer you consulting services and can only work directly with you as a representative of the UBS broker.

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